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Besides traditional casino games, players also have the opportunity to participate in betting with many interesting variations, including Domino QQ w88. This is a game that originated in China, very quickly then became popular and received by many casino players.

Domino QQ w88 comes from the famous game provider Gameplay Interactive. The rules as well as the gameplay are completely the same as the traditional version. Many players also compare Domino QQ as a kind of Poker variant reviewed by expert, because the rules of these two card games have similarities.

In Domino QQ, players will not use a 52-card deck. Instead, a dedicated deck of cards, namely Domino cards will be used to play. Each card will be divided into two specific parts with two different numbers. The upper and lower two parts will be marked with red buttons, the value of the number of buttons will increase gradually.

Domino QQ w88 detailed rules

General rules of Domino QQ w88

  • In Domino QQ, each game will be played with a certain number of players. A minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players can participate.
  • To be able to participate in playing Domino QQ w88, players must wager money on the corresponding Pot. The amount will depend on the bet that the player has chosen.
  • One of the players will be randomly selected by the system to be the Dealer. In the next games, the remaining players will be selected in the corresponding order to be the Dealer.
  • When the bet is completed, each player on the table will receive 3 cards. Once all cards are received, the first round of betting will proceed immediately. The first player to play the card will be the player to the left of the dealer position.
  • Once the first round has been completed, the player on the table will receive the 4th card and proceed to the start of the 2nd round of betting in Domino QQ.
  • When the betting rounds are completed, if the number of players remaining is more than 2 players. Then, we will proceed to classify the winners and losers by the cards available on the table.
  • The winner is the player with the highest hand combination. After that will be paid out proportionally as well as receive the full amount bet in the pot.

Rules for combining cards in Domino QQ

At the start of the second betting round, if there are 4 cards, each player on the left and right sides will receive two cards. On the left-hand side are the high score combination cards, the remaining cards will be on the right-hand side. It will be divided into 4 specific cases as follows:

  • Scenario1: First, compare the two cards on the left-hand side. The player who wins is the one with the higher combination.
  • Scenario 2: If a tie occurs, then the cards on the right-hand side will be compared.
  • Scenario 3: If the comparison is on both sides and the tie still occurs. Then will proceed to compare the number of 4 cards. The player with the highest card is the player who wins.
  • Scenario 4: The final case will be based on the top of the highest card. A higher score will correspond to the winner.
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Rules for scoring cards in Domino QQ

The way to calculate the score when playing Domino QQ w88 is also very simple, calculated based on the total score of two parts, above and below:

  • If the total score is lower than 10, the score here will be calculated according to the number of buttons on the card.
  • If the total score is higher than 10, the odd number will be counted, which means that if the cards add up to 11, it will correspond to 1 point.

Useful tips when playing Domino QQ on W88 Online

Improve your betting experience

Try to participate in demo bets, before deciding to bet with real money. Plus, try to arm yourself with high determination.

Observe your opponent while playing

In Domino QQ, each player is required to observe their opponent, which will help to become a professional player. When observing opponents, players can also read their thoughts and actions, and this will help make more rational betting decisions.

Above is the information related to the game Domino QQ W88. Whether you are a new player game dominoes or a seasoned player, you cannot ignore this attractive betting game.